Expertise and compassion are at the heart of our care

At New York Sports & Joints, we are committed to providing exceptional care in sports and joint injuries. Our team of surgeons, educated at top-tier institutions, including Princeton, Stanford, Harvard, Cornell, and Columbia, are not only leaders in their field but also compassionate caregivers. Each surgeon is board-certified, fellowship-trained, and specializes in areas such as sports medicine, trauma, hand and wrist, foot and ankle, and joint replacements.

Our patient-centric approach to care

Our patients are at the heart of everything we do. Their satisfaction and positive outcomes are a testament to our commitment. From pioneering the latest advances to employing the most precise techniques, our goal is singular: to restore you to your health, mobility, and lifestyle.

A legacy of service and innovation

Our doctors share a deep bond and commitment to service, as evidenced by two of our surgeons who assisted at Ground Zero on September 12, 2001. This spirit of service extends to our practice, where we offer our patients the most advanced treatments available.

Educating and empowering patients

We believe in empowering our patients through education. Understanding your condition and treatment options is crucial, and we are here to answer your questions in a supportive and attentive environment. We strive to make healthcare understandable and uncomplicated.

Minimally invasive treatments

At New York Sports & Joints, we excel in minimally invasive treatments. Our approach prioritizes non-surgical methods whenever possible, aiming to restore patients to their daily lives, athletic fields, or courts with minimal intervention. This patient-centric focus ensures faster recovery and optimal outcomes.

Multilingual services for diverse needs

Understanding the diverse needs of our patients, we offer services in both English and Spanish, ensuring effective communication and personalized care for every individual who walks through our doors.

Leading orthopaedic clinic in New York

In a city that never slows down, we understand the importance of performing at your best. Our doctors are at the forefront of incorporating the latest medical advancements to ensure you return to your personal goals and activities as quickly and safely as possible.

Surgical excellence with a personal touch

While we exhaust all non-surgical methods to treat your condition, if surgery is necessary, rest assured that the surgeon you have consulted will be the one performing your procedure. We pledge that at New York Sports & Joints, your surgeon is your doctor.

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We are committed to an extraordinary level of care

Our team of specialists brings the highest level of care for superior outcomes.

  • Board-certified specialists: Each member of our medical team is a board-certified specialist, ensuring the highest standard of medical knowledge and practice.
  • Fellowship-trained surgeons: Our surgeons have completed prestigious fellowships, providing them with advanced, specialized training in their respective fields.
  • Expertise in diverse specialties: Our team includes experts in sports medicine, trauma, hand and wrist, foot and ankle, and joint replacements.
  • Pioneers in medical advances: We are at the forefront of the latest medical advancements and precise surgical techniques.
  • Multilingual care: To cater to a diverse patient base, our team offers services in both English and Spanish.
  • Proven track record of positive patient outcomes: Our patients consistently report high satisfaction and successful outcomes.
  • Dedication to patient-centered care: our team is committed to providing compassionate and tailored care, focusing on restoring patients to their optimal health and lifestyle.

Your trust, our commitment

At New York Sports & Joints, we work diligently to offer you highly qualified, technically skilled, and compassionate care. Your trust in us is a responsibility we take seriously, and we are dedicated to living up to it every day.

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