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Imagine a knee replacement procedure tailored specifically to your body’s unique structure. That’s what Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement offers. This advanced approach uses an implant customized to the exact specifications of your knee, ensuring a precise fit. Unlike standard implants, this system provides components for the ends of your tibia and femur and a spacer contoured to match your anatomy.

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How does a custom-fit total knee replacement work?

To develop your customized implant, we start with a three-dimensional image of your knee, created using an MRI scan. This scan captures detailed information about the tissues, bones, and structures of your knee. This data is then used to generate a 3-D model, allowing us to tailor both the implant and the surgical procedure to your specific needs.

Based on this model, we can virtually correct the damaged areas of your knee, ensuring the implant is designed with precise measurements and angles that are unique to you. This process ensures that the implant aligns perfectly with your joint, allowing for optimal placement and function.

What are the benefits of this cutting-edge, custom knee replacement?

This personalized approach offers several advantages:

  • Precision: The custom fit ensures consistent, successful outcomes with less implant wear over time, potentially extending its lifespan.
  • Reduced surgery and recovery time: Experience a shorter surgery and quicker recovery period.
  • Less Pain and More Natural Feel: Patients often report less post-surgery pain and a knee that feels more natural.
  • Preservation of natural tissue: This technique often allows for the preservation of more healthy bone and knee ligaments, maintaining more of your knee’s natural structure.
  • Stability and function: Follow-up evaluations typically show enhanced stability and fuller function compared to traditional replacements.

What is the treatment?

Under general anesthesia, precise surgical cuts are made using the computer model as a guide, ensuring optimal knee alignment and stability.

A trial implant tests the fit and placement before the custom-fit implant is inserted and secured. The procedure concludes with the closing of the incision.

Recovery from custom fit total knee replacement

You can expect a hospital stay of a day or two, with mobility encouraged almost immediately after surgery. Initially, you might use crutches or a cane to protect your healing knee. Physical therapy, typically lasting six to 12 weeks, focuses on restoring strength, flexibility, and range of motion. Complete recovery generally occurs within three to six months.

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Why choose us?

When you choose our clinic for your Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement, you’re choosing a future with less knee pain and more mobility. Our team uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure your knee replacement is perfectly tailored to your body. With our personalized approach, you’ll benefit from a surgery and recovery plan designed specifically for you to get you back to your active lifestyle as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement FAQ

What makes Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement different from traditional knee replacement?

Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement is tailored to your unique knee structure, using a 3D model from an MRI of your knee. This results in a more precise fit, better alignment, and a potentially longer-lasting implant compared to traditional knee replacements.

Is Custom Fit Total Knee Replacement suitable for everyone?

While it’s beneficial for many, suitability depends on individual factors like the extent of knee damage, bone quality, and overall health. A thorough evaluation is necessary to determine if this approach is right for you.

What are the benefits of a Custom Fit implant?

Benefits include a more natural feeling in the knee post-surgery, less pain, quicker recovery, preservation of more natural knee tissue, and potentially longer implant life due to the custom fit.

How long does the surgery take, and what is the recovery time?

The surgery duration can be shorter than traditional knee replacements due to the precision of the custom fit. Recovery typically involves a hospital stay of 2-4 days, with a complete recovery time of three to six months, including physical therapy.

Will I feel a difference with a Custom Fit knee replacement?

Many patients report a more natural feeling in their knee, as well as improved comfort and mobility, thanks to the precise fit and alignment of the custom implant.

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