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Total hip resurfacing is a procedure that may be performed to treat patients who are suffering from advanced arthritis in the hip. It involves trimming and covering the femoral head, which is the end of the thigh bone that sits in the hip joint. Any damaged cartilage or bone in the joint is removed, and metal implants are inserted over the ball and in the socket. The procedure is similar to that of a hip replacement surgery, but in total hip resurfacing, the femoral head and socket are not removed.

What is total hip resurfacing?

Total hip resurfacing is an advanced surgical alternative to traditional hip replacement, ideal for younger, active patients. It involves capping the femoral head with a metal prosthesis and resurfacing the hip socket, preserving more bone and providing greater joint stability, which is crucial for high-demand activities, including professional sports.

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What can total hip surfacing treat?

  • Osteoarthritis: Particularly effective in treating arthritis in younger, more active patients where joint preservation is desirable.
  • Hip dysplasia: Addresses mild to moderate dysplasia by reshaping and capping the femoral head rather than replacing it.
  • Avascular necrosis: Suitable for early stages where the disease affects the head of the femur, but the socket remains healthy.
  • Inflammatory arthritis: This can be an option for certain patients with inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis affecting the hip.
  • Sports-related injuries: Beneficial for athletes and active individuals with hip joint damage who wish to maintain a high level of activity.
  • Post-traumatic arthritis: Treats arthritis that develops after an injury, where the hip joint has been damaged but not severely deformed.

Total hip resurfacing is a bone-conserving alternative to total hip replacement, ideal for certain patients who can benefit from retaining more of their natural bone structure.

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Who is a candidate for total hip resurfacing?

Good candidates for total hip resurfacing are typically patients who have developed severe damage in the hip due to arthritis. These individuals have usually tried more conservative forms of treatment but obtained little relief of their symptoms. Total hip resurfacing is frequently most successful in patients under the age of 60 with larger-sized frame structures and healthy, dense bones. Those patients who do not meet these criteria may be evaluated to determine whether they are eligible for the procedure but are often at an increased risk of complications.

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Advantages of total hip resurfacing

There are several reasons why our board-certified hip surgeon at New York Sports & Joints could recommend a total hip resurfacing procedure. The benefits of undergoing a total hip resurfacing procedure rather than a hip replacement often include:

  • Experiencing a less complicated revision surgery when the implants placed in the joint eventually wear out or begin to come loose
  • Obtaining a fuller range of motion in the hip
  • Lowering the risk of a hip dislocation because the size of the ball of the hip remains more similar to that of a natural hip socket
  • Regaining a normal gait, which tends to be slightly more affected by hip replacement surgery

Is total hip resurfacing right for you?

While total hip resurfacing can be a very effective form of treatment, it is not the correct procedure for every patient. It can be a more challenging type of surgery to perform than a hip replacement and often necessitates the use of a larger incision. Total hip resurfacing also puts the patient at risk of developing a fracture toward the top of the thigh bone in the femoral neck. Since the femoral neck is removed during a replacement surgery, this is not a risk related to that procedure. Additionally, some patients have an allergic reaction to the metal ion particles produced during movement of the hip after total hip resurfacing surgery.

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What is the procedure?

The total hip resurfacing surgery is performed with the patient under anesthesia. The procedure generally takes between one-and-a-half and three hours. After an incision is made in the thigh, the surgeon will ease the femoral head out of the socket. Tools are used to reshape the head before a metal covering is placed on top of it. The cartilage of the hip socket is removed, and a rounded metal implant is inserted in its place. Once this implant has been positioned correctly, the femoral head is reinserted into the socket. The incision will then be sutured closed.

What is the recovery time?

Total hip resurfacing is an inpatient procedure, with patients typically requiring a hospital stay of one to three nights. Many patients require the use of an assistive device such as crutches or a walker temporarily after the surgery. Physical therapy can be very beneficial in promoting flexibility and strength and maximizing a patient’s range of motion in the hip joint. Most patients will be ready to return to normal daily activities approximately six weeks following the procedure.

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