Unmatched Comfort and Precision

At NY Sports & Joints, we’re proud to offer our patients the cutting-edge Siemens Espree 1.5T MRI. This state-of-the-art imaging system is a game-changer in patient comfort and diagnostic precision. Its innovative design and advanced technology provide a more relaxed and less confined experience for our patients, with exceptionally high-quality images that are crucial for accurate diagnoses.

Enhanced patient comfort

The Siemens Espree 1.5T MRI boasts a design focused on patient comfort. Its wider bore and open design alleviate the feeling of confinement, making it an ideal choice for patients who may feel anxious or claustrophobic.

Superior image quality

This MRI system produces superior, high-quality images at the core of its performance. This precision allows for more accurate and detailed diagnoses, ensuring that our patients receive the most effective treatment plans.

Advanced technology for efficient scans

Equipped with advanced technology, the Siemens Espree 1.5T MRI offers efficient scanning processes. This means quicker scan times, lessening patients’ overall time in the machine.

Ideal for a wide range of conditions

The versatility of the Siemens Espree 1.5T MRI makes it suitable for diagnosing a broad spectrum of conditions, particularly those related to sports and joint injuries.

Ease of communication

Our MRI system allows for convenient communication between your orthopaedic provider and radiologist, making it far easier for your care team to curate a cohesive and effective treatment plan.

At NY Sports & Joints, we are committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of care, and the Siemens Espree 1.5T MRI is a testament to that commitment. Experience the difference in comfort and quality with our advanced imaging solutions.

MRI testing location

1510 Jericho Turnpike,
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

MRI Hours

9 am to 5 pm

Turnaround time for results

48 hours

Phone Number

(212) 355-5555 Ext 456


  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurological
  • Spine (no contrast studies, no cardiac, no breast)

Insurance Types

No-fault, Worker’s Compensation, private out-of-network

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